Friday’s Fantastic Five!


Sifting through content on the internet can be a bit like drinking water from a fire hose. So is here to help! Each Friday we’ll share the best five items we’ve run into around the web. Each item is worth your time, so check them out!

Your Church Is Too Small – Sam Freney
You’ve bought the music, sung the songs, and felt the influence of the Hillsong movement and its conferences and churches, but what lies behind it all? Sam presents a balanced and thoughtful critique that is a good read for anyone familiar with Hillsong.

What We Talk About When We Talk About God – Michael Kruger
Rob Bell’s new book didn’t make as many waves as his last, but it continues his project of replacing traditional Christian faith with vague spiritualism. Anyone who has followed Bell or who is impacted by his influence should read this helpful review of his new book.

9 Things You Should Know About Pornography and the Brain – Joe Carter
This is a frank, non-graphic discussion of pornography addiction, so use caution as you read and share. However, for anyone who struggles, has struggled, or is ministering to those struggling with pornography (which includes most young men) this is a must read.

How to Survive a Tornado – Brett & Kate McKay
Having developed a more personal relationship with tornadoes since moving west, I found this article particularly helpful. Do yourself and your family a favor and read this before the next time the National Weather Service blesses your area with a tornado watch!

Journalist Covering Gosnell Abortion Trial Becomes Pro-Life
Information has always been the friend of the pro-life cause. When abortion is unmasked like in the Gosnell case, all the euphemisms and justifications collapse.


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