Friday’s Fantastic Five!

FridayFantasticFiveMay 17, 2013

Sifting through content on the internet can be a bit like drinking water from a fire hose. So is here to help! Each Friday we’ll share the best five items we’ve run into around the web. Each item is worth your time, so check them out!

Speech on Religious Liberty – R.R. Reno
This fantastic article takes a look at the forces eroding religious liberty in the United States and many of the emerging legal, political, and cultural trends that threaten to erode it further. A must read for any believer who values their free expression.

Rob Bell’s Ginormous Mirror – Mark Galli
This is not a review of Bell’s book, but is rather a look at how American Christianity’s fascination with “experience” has turned the faith into an empty, self-seeking quest. Read this and be encouraged and challenged.

FactChecker: Does ‘Abba’ Mean ‘Daddy’ – Glenn T. Stanton
A lot of us have said this before, but when Jesus says “abba” is He really referring to God as “daddy”? This is a helpful read that gives us insight into Jesus’ relationship with His heavenly Father and by extension, our relationship with Him as well.

Tragic Worship – Carl Trueman
What kind of reality do we portray in our worship services? Do they connect with the truth of our situation or paper over it? Carl Trueman applies his penetrating and blunt analysis to what is missing in much of the worship experience of today’s churches.

Kermit Gosnell’s America: What His Trial Really Reveals – Al Mohler
Gosnell’s trial has come to an end, but much of the nation is still unaware or indifferent to what happened in his abortion clinic. This story reveals the true nature of the abortion industry and forces us to wrestle with moral questions we thought were put to rest.


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