Friday’s Fantastic Five!

FridayFantasticFiveFriday, May 24

How Psychiatry Went Crazy – Carol Tavris
The Wall Street Journal reports on the release of the new DSM-5, the Bible of modern psychiatry. This article exposes many of the problems with the psychiatric industry and is a must read for those seeking and giving counsel and treatment.

What Our Words Tell Us – David Brooks
New York Times columnist David Brooks analyzes reports on a Google database of 5.2 million books published from 1500 to 2008. What he discovers about the words we use reveals huge cultural changes that may not be for the better.

China’s Brutal One-Child Policy – Ma Jian
China’s one-child policy has been around since 1979 and since then has caused incredible suffering and oppression. This short article exposes the true nature of the policy and is a must-read for Americans unfamiliar with what is happening.

IRS Morality: Defend Planned Parenthood, Deluge Adoptive Families with Audits – David French
Get ready to be outraged. If you are confused about what the IRS scandal in the news is all about, this article will bring it home. It is a terrible thing when the government uses its power to target and discourage some of the most selfless and sacrificial among us.

The Case for Man/Woman Marriage
A quick and easy two minute argument for why male/female marriage is important to society and should continue to be recognized as such.


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