Friday’s Fantastic Five! 7.12

FridayFantasticFiveAtheism Has Failed: Only Religion Can Defeat the New Barbarians – Jonathan Sacks
This fantastic article from across the pond serves not only as a critique of atheism and secularism but as an affirmation of what religion has given to civilization and what its removal will mean in the long run.

Let’s Level the Playing Field – Carl Trueman
Carl Trueman applies his sharp commentary to California’s law to allow children to choose their own gender when it comes to bathrooms and sports. If gender truly is just a state of mind, who can argue with these clear implications?

The Deadly Myth of the Consenting Adult – John Zmirak
Our culture which exalts individualism at the expense of community has popularized the “consenting adult.” As long as the other person agrees, we are absolved of responsibility. But this heartless ethic dissolves the foundation on which society is built.

DOMA and the Rock – Rosaria Butterfield
This former atheist lesbian professor turned Christian pastor’s wife tells what its like being on the unpopular side of the homosexuality debate twice and how Christians should think moving forward.

Top 16 Worship Music Typos – Jon Acuff
For those who have ever giggled to themselves at the typos on the screen during worship, this is funny. For those of us who prepare worship lyrics every week for the video screen, this is awesomely hilarious!


Friday’s Fantastic Five! 7.5

FridayFantasticFiveHow Should Same-Sex Marriage Change the Church’s Witness – Russell Moore
Russell Moore analyzes what the shifting cultural consensus on marriage means for the churches existing in that culture. Rather than fearing the rulings of courts and legislatures, this is a chance for the church boldly proclaim a counter-culture Savior.

On Winning the Marriage Debate – Eric Teetsel
Teetsel shows why arguments for same-sex marriage have been more persuasive than arguments for traditional marriage even if the latter are actually better than the former. He then charts a course for how traditional marriage can win the debate.

America’s Epidemic of Psychiatric Over-Diagnosis – Jesse Singal
Psychiatry is an industry and being able to diagnose more dysfunctions and abnormalities means more profits and more people satisfied that their problems can be labeled and medicated. The definition of normal has narrowed and we are worse for it.

The Evolution of the Swimsuit – Jessica Rey
In this video, Jessica explores how we arrived at the modern day bikini and what it says about us and what it is doing to us. This fascinating (and g-rated) discussion shows why modesty needs to make a comeback.

The Astounding Faith of Aregash: A Story from Eithiopia
This incredible story of one’s woman’s determination to plant a church convicted me of my lack of passion to see the gospel spread among the people around me.