Friday’s Fantastic Five 8.23

FridayFantasticFiveSchool Has Become Too Hostile to Boys – Christina Hoff Summers
Summers discusses potential reasons our school systems may be failing boys. As zero tolerance policies become the norm and teachers increasingly redirect aggressive or competitive play, boys simply don’t fit in.

Why We Talk in Tongues – T.M. Luhrmann
This NYT op-ed explores why speaking in tongues is spreading in Africa and why it happens at all. For those who come from more formal church traditions, this article provides valuable insight into a practice we may not understand.

Who Will Stand
If we truly believe the unborn baby in the womb is a human being, then we are standing by as the worst holocaust in human history is being carried out.

The Kalam Cosmological Argument
Complex apologetic arguments for belief in God can sometimes be abstract and inaccessible, but this video breaks down a key argument really well.

Redefine Marriage, Debase Language? – Ryan Anderson
Anderson explores ways the redefinition of marriage is already affecting the institution. Not only is male/female optional, but so is the limit to two people, fidelity, permanence, and commitment. Does this spell the end of marriage?


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Fantastic Five 8.23

  1. Brian,
    I always enjoy your weekly “Friday’s Fantastic Five”. I am curious about your views on the “Why We Talk in Tongues” article. It was an interesting read, but I felt it lacked any real biblical backing. In general it is a confusing topic to me.

    • I came away from seminary with a pretty good understanding of tongues biblically and theologically. As a run of the mill Baptist though, I never understood why anyone would want to bother with it. The article helped me understand why people engage in it and what’s going on in other parts of the world. I don’t know of any online resources if you want to learn more, but I know Grudem treats it well in his Systematic Theology (which is a good book to have on hand anyway)

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