Friday’s Fantastic Five! 9.6

FridayFantasticFiveAre Late Abortions Politically Viable? – William Saletan
Saletan over at examines a recent poll conducted by Planned Parenthood that shows voters oppose an abortion ban at 20 weeks. But as is usually the case with opinion polls, how they phrased the questions makes all the difference.

Dan Savage Launches “Not All Like That” – Denny Burk
Homosexual activist Dan Savage has launched a new website featuring testimonials from Christians who claim that homosexual behavior and support for it is not incompatible with their faith. Denny breaks down the problem with this approach.

I Don’t Remember Chemistry and I’m not Homeless – Stephen Altrogge
Parents today are scrambling to get their children the best education and extra-curricular opportunities available. Yet – as Stephen reflects on his own life – he realizes most of those things left no lasting mark on his life. Have we set the bar too high and missed out?

All His Breakers and Waves: Our Church, Suffering, and Stubborn Faith – Jared Wilson
This is a long but worthy post. It reminds us how suffering is a regular part of life and ministry, that God wants to be glorified in it, that God uses it, but that it can be unbearably difficult sometimes. Read and be encouraged.

Syria’s Rebels: 20 Things You Need to Know – CNN’s Catherine Shoichet
The situation in Syria has dominated the news for the past few weeks as politicians debate aiding the rebels fighting the Assad regime. This article from CNN on the identity of the rebels demonstrates the difficulty of acting on behalf of justice in a complicated world.


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