Friday’s Fantastic Five! 10.4

FridayFantasticFiveKilling Jesus – Tim Challies
Tim reviews Bill O’Reilly’s new and best selling book “Killing Jesus.” O’Reilly and Dugard have done their homework and tell the story of Jesus, his claims, and his death well. Yet the book is incomplete because it fails to explain the greater spiritual significance of Jesus.

Two Is Better Than One – Al Mohler
New economic research shows that marriage is increasingly becoming an upper class phenomenon. Mohler explores briefly the link between marriage and economic success or the lack of marriage and poverty. Turns out two is better than one.

Jim Wallis on the Shutdown: “It’s Unbiblical” – Joe Carter
Well known liberal Christian leader Jim Wallis claimed on a Youtube video that a government shutdown is unbiblical and opposition to the government is wrong. Joe Carter reveals why conflating political ideology and theology is bad for all.

The State of the Church in America: Hint: It’s Not Dying – Ed Stetzer
People both inside and outside of the church love to beat it up with statistics that supposedly herald its impending death. Stetzer, with his skill for stats and trends, shows that the church may be in transition, but it’s certainly not dying.

Saving Our Locker Rooms – Brandon McGinley
The movement for gay rights is shifting to the elimination of gender as a category. The new battlegrounds are sex-segregated public facilities like bathrooms and locker rooms. McGinley warns of this new battle and that conservatives will lose if not prepared.


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