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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Emily,

    I read your article “What Does Unequally Yoked Really Mean?” and I LOVED IT! I was literally wondering that exact question and wanted to dive deeper into scripture than the surface “do not marry someone who is “unequally yolked” and actually see what implications there were for both marital and just platonic relationships! My favorite part of the whole article was the last line when you wrote

    “Our task in reading the Bible is not to prove our long-held beliefs. It isn’t to look for verse band-aids to cover our problems. It isn’t even to prove someone else wrong. When I open the Bible, it should be a serious endeavor to seek God’s truth in His word. It isn’t my word; I’m not at liberty to play fast and loose with it. However, if you’ve learned anything, you know not to take my word for it.”

    I couldn’t agree more with you and I find that as I grow in my walk with Christ I try more and more to put aside what I have been told, and what pastors have told me (although I do keep them in mind because who am I to say I have the ultimate wisdom?) and I just try to read the bible verses for what they are and do my own research to see if what they mean really matches up with what I have always thought. I also find more and more as I grow in my walk that I am trying to seek only what the truth is- not what anyone else says is true. The only thing I take as absolute truth is the Bible and I love that I can rely on it to be 100% true! It’s so awesome to have something that I can trust with all my heart for which I base my entire life on! After even saying that I think it is important to always take any objections against the Bible into consideration and to look in to them as a never ending search for truth. If I can say I 100% believe in God, then I should be able to feel the freedom to question His word because I know in my heart there will always be evidence for his truths! Sorry I’m going on a tangent, but I just want to say I love you attitude towards the Bible because it will do nothing but grow you further in your walk with Christ. Have a great day/night!

    -Melissa, Arizona

  2. Hey Brian, I am a Student Pastor in Tennessee and heard you speak at the Men’s Conference this month. I have it on my heart to plan a youth workers and parents conference to provide training for them on dealing with tough issues regarding their teens such as pornography. I was wanting to talk to you about coming and speaking at an event like this. Thank you for your time.
    In Christ,
    Nathan Wilkerson, Min. Of Students & Evangelism Yellow Creek Baptist Church

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