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The Gifts of the Spirit – Romans 12
The Movement
The Spirit glues us together as a body and gifts us for ministry

The Fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5
The Movement
When we walk by the Spirit, we put to death the flesh and grow fruit

The Attributes of God – Exodus 33-34
Meet Your Maker Series
God is holy and just, yet also gracious and merciful

God Is Three
Meet Your Maker Series
The Trinity is revealed in the Bible yet remains a mystery

God Is One – Isaiah 45
Meet Your Maker Series
There is only one true God, everything else false

Jesus’ Resurrection – 1 Corinthians 15
The Jesus Series
Christ has risen and this is of first importance

The Life of Jesus – Matthew 4
The Jesus Series
In the perfect obedience of Jesus we find hope for our obedience

Jesus as Man – John 1
The Jesus Series
The infinite Creator God stoops to dwell among us as a man

Finish Strong – Joshua 24

Fight Like a Christian – Joshua 9

Follow the Leader – Joshua 1

God With Us At All Times – Romans 8

Resurrection and Return – 1 Corinthians 15 Bethlehem Baptist Church

Overcoming Inconvenience to Impact – 1 Kings 17 Bethlehem Baptist Church

True Greatness – Matthew 20 Bethlehem Baptist Church

God Makes a Name – Genesis 11 Bethlehem Baptist Church

A Zeal for the Honor of God – Numbers 25 Bethlehem Baptist Church

Jesus, Our Rest – Matthew 11 Bethlehem Baptist Church

Faith in the Sovereign Lord – Habakkuk Bethlehem Baptist Church

Approaching the Unapproachable – 2 Samuel 6 Bethlehem Baptist Church 

The Costly Pursuit of Christ – Luke 14:25-33 Bethlehem Baptist Church


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