Bethlehem Baptist Church

Messages from the worship services of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Cunningham, KY
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Growing Godlessness – 2 Timothy 3
Paul warns against those with bad character and bad conduct who would have a bad conclusion; but does he describe us?

A Worker Approved – 2 Timothy 2
Seek God and separate from what is dishonorable that you may serve from a pure heart and be useful.

A Good Soldier – 2 Timothy 2
Be strengthened in Christ for His calling on your life, remember the gospel, and endure.

.Guard the Gospel – 2 Timothy 1
We must fan into flame our gifts from God; sharing in suffering, pursuing the pattern and guarding the gospel.

Restoration – Genesis 8
Noah’s story reminds us to see God’s deliverance, wait for His timing, and obey His commands.

Wrath & Rescue – Genesis 7
We need righteousness because only the righteous will be saved from the coming judgment

Life & Death – Genesis 5
God is our father as believers but death is still our fate; but with faith, life can still be our future.

Hope Arises – Genesis 4
As humanity’s first city rises, its morality descends; but hope comes from the blessing of God.

Sin Grows – Genesis 4
After the Fall, sin exiles us from God, desires to master us, and ultimately condemns us

The Curse – Genesis 3
Humanity has been fleeing from God since the fall but because he will win the struggle for salvation there is hope.

Gender & Marriage – Genesis 2
Men and women were made complementary, made coequal, and made compatible by God.

Work & Rest – Genesis 2
When we have a relationship with God through Christ, it transforms the way we work and rest.

The Image of God – Genesis 1
We are made in God’s image, He has set out to bless us, and He has made everything very good.