Camps & Events

Messages from camps, events, conferences, and other special occasions

Making a Name – Genesis 11-12
First Baptist Church Woodstock
Man is on a quest to make a name but God has intervened and made the name above all names.

Completing God’s Plan of Redemption – Numbers 13
London Bridge Baptist Church – YEC East Conference
God is inviting us into the incredible mission of extending the news of His redemption to the nations if we will embrace our faith and shed our fear.

Exchanging the True God for a Lie – Exodus 32
London Bridge Baptist Church – YEC East Conference
We must beware the danger of false gods, fixing our eyes on the true Savior

The Good News that Sets Us Free – Exodus 14
London Bridge Baptist Church – YEC East Conference
The people of Israel faced an impossible situation, saw God perform an incredible salvation, and put their faith in Him. This was a preview of what Christ would do for us.

Worship That Wrecked a Nation – 2 Kings 17
Hunter First Baptist Church
The nation of Israel virtually disappeared from history after God sent them into exile because of their idolatry. That same idolatry may be present in our own lives.

Proclaim – Acts 4
Southwest Baptist Centrifuge
When we understand the grace of God brought to us in the gospel, we will not be able to stop proclaiming it.

God Pursues – Acts 2
Southwest Baptist Centrifuge
On the Day of Pentecost, the apostle Peter, empowered by the Holy Spirit, spoke a message no less startling in our day than it was in his. The message is that God has pursued his sinful creatures in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Warnings to the Righteous – Matthew 23:23-28
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Chapel
Jesus reserved his harshest words, not for the most sinful, but for the most righteous. His words serve as a warning to those who forget we are sinners saved by grace alone.