Recommended Reading

Reading is one of the most important things a person can do. It separates the wise from the foolish and the ignorant from the knowledgeable. The books included here are the best of the best. Check out the different categories and read these books!

Biblical Studies – books that focus on expounding and applying different parts of the Scriptures.

Church – books that explore all aspects of the church from its nature to its mission.

Fiction – good fiction expands our hearts and our minds even as it entertains. These works will engage and enrich you.

Marriage & Family – books that explore the most important relationships in our lives from the perspective of the Bible.

Missions & Evangelism – books that look at the task of making the gospel known – including theology and biography.

Spiritual Growth – books that encourage and equip believers to live their lives to the glory of God.

Theology – books that examine the doctrines and beliefs of the church.